Our lab studies the mechanism by which adhesion-type G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) function in the brain. One of our current goals is to decipher the role of the newly discovered GAIN domain in the function of the adhesion GPCR using a combination of biophysical, biochemical and cell biological approaches.

  • We use the tools of protein biochemistry and structural biology to aid us in understanding function.
  • The insights we gain from biochemistry and biophysics direct our research into the physiology and cell biology of adhesion GPCRs, especially relevant to the brain.
  • We collaborate with neuroscientists and geneticists to understand physiology at the level of the organism.

We are a biochemistry lab deeply entrenched in the field of neuroscience. Our interests extend to synapse formation and validation, and various cell adhesion properties of neurons, and the biochemistry of neurodevelopmental diseases.

Please feel free to visit our lab at the GCIS Building if you have similar interests and would like to talk to us about your research and insights.

Latest News and Announcements

Our paper was published in Neuron!

Congratulations on the publication of our paper "Structural Basis for Regulation of GPR56/ADGRG1 by Its Alternatively Spliced Extracellular Domains"! PMID: 27657451. Our paper was also mentioned in a press release from UChicago Science Life.

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Demet got an R01!

Congratulations to Demet on her R01!

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New undergraduate student joined our lab

Undegraduate students Shu Zhang and Ezra Feldman joined the lab. Welcome, Shu and Ezra!

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Celia got CBC Postdoctoral Research Grant!

Congratulations to Celia on getting CBC Postdoctoral Research Grant for "Identification and characterization of novel GPR56 ligands in the brain"!

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Celia Fernandez joined our lab

Dr. Celia Fernandez joined our lab as a postdoc! Welcome, Celia!

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Jingxian Li joined our lab

We would like to welcome Dr. Jingxian Li who joined our lab as a postdoc!

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Our paper came out in Structure!

Congratulations on the publication of our paper "Structural Basis of Latrophilin-FLRT-UNC5 Interaction in Cell Adhesion"! PMID: 26235030

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Pradnya received Dean's Grant and Jeff Metcalf Fellowship!

Pradnya received Dean's Grant and Jeff Metcalf Fellowship. Congratulations, Pradnya!

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Katherine Leon received NSF-GRFP honorable mention!

Katherine Leon received National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF-GRFP) honorable mention. Congratulations to Katherine! 

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Gabriel Salzman was awarded F30 fellowship!

Gabriel Salzman was awarded F30 fellowship from NIGMS entitled: Modulation and molecular mechanisms of GPR56 function (July, 2015). Congratulations to Gabe!

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Olha Joins the Lab

Olha Nazarko joins the lab as a research specialist. She recently moved to Chicago from Dallas, TX. Hopefully she will enjoy the nice Chicago winters!

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Happy News: New Grant Received!

Demet received the Brain Research Foundation Seed Grant in June 2014, and the Big Questions Incubator Seed Grant in July 2014! 

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Chen and Katarzyna join the lab!

We are excited to have two new students with us this summer: Chen Ding and Katarzyna Merdas ! Chen is currently an undergraduate student from Peking University, China, and Katarzyna is an exchange Masters student from Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland. Welcome Chen and Katarzyna! 

Katherine Leon joins the lab as a graduate student! Welcome Katherine!

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Katie and Katherine join our lab!

Welcome to our new rotation students: Katie Homa and Katherine Leon!

Chris Katanski joined our lab as a rotation student in January 2014. A very warm welcome to Chris!

Gabriel Salzman, an MSTP student at the Pritzker School of Medicine, joined our lab as a rotation student in November 2013. Welcome Gabe!



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